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Italy leather products and footwear products export performance breakthrough
From: Dongguan Langhao shoe industry Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-09-04

Italy, as a world's high-end leather shoe industry, brings huge profits to its country. The leather shoes industry in Italy has a history of hundreds of years, from the early aristocratic custom leather shoes, to today's world-class high-end leather shoes industry, Italy has been leading the world trend of leather shoes. And in a recent report released by the Italian Federation of Industries, Italian retailers, if they continue to work hard, will make a big difference to the export performance of high-end Italian brands, including leather and footwear brands.
It is reported that Italy's exports increased by 2.1% in all fields in 2012. However, export-oriented industries such as the footwear industry, which continued to grow at a slower rate than in 2011 and 2010, have attracted the local government's keen attention to special shoe mesh. According to the survey, the United Trade Union of Italy believes that the Italian shoemaking level is still in the leading position in the world, but the lack of international retailers, resulting in Italian-made products can not successfully go to the international market, the brand only through the selection of large-scale international branch supply chain cooperation is expected to be truly meaningful. Step out of the country.
This passive sales in the international market has affected the Italian footwear industry to explore more consumer markets, but it seems that the Italian local leather goods, footwear products and fashion products and other enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises Hardware shoe button factory, it is difficult to grasp the resources. Only through the development of cooperation with many international brand retail groups, to establish their own overseas stores, the local product in the true sense of export.

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