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How to conduct entertainment marketing for Chinese shoe enterprises
From: Dongguan Langhao shoe industry Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-09-04

      Nowadays, the Chinese consumer market has experienced the era of experience economy, and entertainment marketing has become more and more diversified. More than a decade ago, the old entertainment marketing model with titles and endings as its main means has gradually lost its market. More fresh and lively forms emerge in endlessly, all kinds of brands want to join the army of entertainment marketing in this era of national entertainment.
(1) embedding advertisements in film and television dramas
There are three levels of advertising placement in movies and TV dramas: one is to let the protagonist wear brand shoes and logo, which is the most common brand placement model for shoes and clothes, such as Metamorphosis's Met Bonway; the other is the combination of products and characters, such as Du Lala's Promotion, about Du Lala's constant struggle in the workplace. The story of ascension, Du Lala's life, work, love have different dress, shoes and clothes can reflect the character's life state or even mood, and the combination of the characters is more closely; third, with the plot, such as "The Devil Wearing Prada", the characters themselves engaged in fashion magazine work, the working environment is full of a large number of shoes and clothes. In the advertising environment, any women's clothing brand shoes and clothing exit is taken for granted. "The first level is the most common form in China, and it is also the most criticized model." "Le Tou's advertisement in Du Lala's Promotion is a successful win-win cooperation. Chinese shoes and clothing brands, especially the growing brands which are gaining popularity, will inevitably imitate this successful advertisement placement model and choose their works from two perspectives: the script and the audience, which will be most helpful to the target consumer groups. At the same time, it is a good first step to get out of brand entertainment marketing without losing popularity.
(2) exploiting the celebrity effect
Jordan's China Bank is the most influential entertainment marketing event in the Chinese market. The arrival of basketball superstar Michael Jordan in Beijing has sparked a nationwide media scramble to follow him through a series of careless stories about Jordan's food, clothing, shelter, and activities that have escalated into a public event, and the biggest beneficiary of such intense focus is Nike. Nike has elaborately planned this entertainment marketing campaign, the perfect combination of flying Jordan and Nike sneakers, so that Jordan in the Chinese way to enhance the niche of Nike shoes in the Chinese market. Jordan's fans are the biggest consumers of Nike's sports brand, and Nike uses the basketball flyer to give a beautiful return to its competitors through sophisticated planning.
"It is a very difficult marketing mode to choose to use celebrity effect to publicize products." "But it must be prepared and planned precisely beforehand. One of the most important links in the planning is that the celebrities chosen by the manufacturer must conform to the temperament of the commodity, and the followers of the celebrities should dock precisely with the target consumers of the commodity as much as possible." Jordan's fans must be young men who love basketball. They have the strongest buying power for sports brands. It is Nike's recognition that has contributed to this successful celebrity effect.
This model of entertainment marketing using celebrity effect is especially suitable for relatively mature brands to make self-breakthroughs. Some clothing brands are relatively mature, brand positioning and consumer market are relatively stable, lack of advantages in the same brand competition to seek breakthroughs. Such a brand can use celebrity effect to enhance the brand image, so that the brand in the same competitors get a higher degree of favor.
(3) the Internet is a new battlefield for entertainment marketing.
In the network age, all entertainment activities have begun to be networked. The brand of marketing by means of entertainment events can not give up the new battlefield of network marketing. The biggest feature of entertainment marketing in the Internet era is strong interaction and fast dissemination. Sina Weibo's astonishing number of registrations and daily traffic let brand builders see that in order to get the first chance in online marketing, we must not let Weibo this big cake. A group of network marketing companies, advertising companies and even micro-blog Marketing Masters specializing in micro-blog marketing came into being, and many clothing brands have smelled the business opportunities. The most common microblogging marketing model is the forwarding lottery. The manufacturer captures the consumer's preference for "cheap, free and free" and sends out a picture of the product, announcing in the microblog that if forwarded and @ several friends will be able to participate in the lottery. Consumers can get free merchandise without paying for a single click of forwarding. Such a lottery is a trial and error, and tens of thousands of FORWARDINGS can be obtained in a single day.
Besides, micro-blog marketing is sensitive to news events and has strong timeliness. For example, the 2012 Hunan Satellite TV New Year's Evening Party, micro-blogging launched a "watching the new year while micro-blogging" activities, clothing brands also seized the opportunity. If a guest wears a certain brand of clothing, the brand forwards and publishes pictures and purchase links of the goods in time.
"Network entertainment marketing is characterized by open source and saving money, capital constraints can not invest huge amounts of entertainment marketing brand, can not help but try to use the power of the network."

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