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Shoe enterprises actively respond to rising costs and urge new upgrading of industries
From: Dongguan Langhao shoe industry Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-09-04

    With the rising prices of raw materials such as cotton and rubber, as well as the increase in labor costs, the prices of various footwear brands have increased. China's footwear industry will also usher in a wave of price increases again. Shangpu Consulting Light Industry analysts believe that the development of China's footwear industry has been seriously challenged, the rising cost of human resources is mainly related to the change of national ideas and the improvement of living standards, so enterprises in the mode of production transformation and upgrading, to cope with the pressure of rising labor costs.
According to the people concerned, the price of raw materials in the shoe industry has risen by more than 20%, and the market competition is too fierce, so the price increase can not be very large. At present, the profit of shoe production is very small, even to zero profit or negative profit. In addition to the rising prices of raw materials, the rise of national oil prices and electricity prices has also had a serious impact on the development of the industry. Relevant data show that since this year, some ordinary garment lathe workers'monthly salary has increased by 300 yuan, special lathe workers' guaranteed bottom salary has increased a lot, and shoes and clothing enterprises are generally affected.
With the continuous improvement of operating costs, in order to cope with competitive prices can not be raised, so the industry can only reshuffle, some small and medium-sized enterprises will inevitably face elimination. In addition, after the financial crisis, many enterprises are worried about the changes in raw materials and RMB appreciation, so many enterprises are afraid to take over some large orders, can only wait and see. This has accelerated the industry's reshuffle.
How to survive in competition, enterprises should strive to build their own brands. Brand means the embodiment of the new value of the development of the shoe industry. At present, the development of China's shoe industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the construction of the brand is particularly important. Brand competition is, in the final analysis, the competition of the comprehensive ability of shoe manufacturers. Quality and service are the key to brand competition. Only in this way can we create the best corporate image.
The 2010 China Footwear Market Analysis Investment Forecast Report issued by Shangpu Consulting points out that enterprises should strive to avoid being eliminated in the following aspects: first, to improve the utilization of raw materials, thereby greatly reducing their own costs; second, to improve bargaining power, establish their own brands, and digest the factors of rising costs. Third, we should strengthen our ability to innovate, develop new products and become the pioneers of the market.

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